About Us

EmergencyBinders.com exists to help families of all types effectively prepare for life's unexpected events.

Powered by Smart Money Mamas, which launched the Family Emergency Binder in 2018, EmergencyBinders.com was established in January 2022 as a hub to focus on emergency and estate planning content.

The Family Emergency Binder has been featured in Netflix's original series Dead to Me, Forbes, ChooseFI, White Coat Investor, Making Sense of Cents, and countless other outlets.

Why is Emergency Planning Important?

We all hope that nothing bad ever happens to us or our loved ones. No wildfires, hurricanes, or tornados. No car accidents or brain aneurysms. No global pandemics.

But sometimes, life happens.

And while these situations are always terrible, we've seen the additional immense strain that occurs when you're not organized. Loved ones are left scrambling to find documents, spending hours longer in court and thousands of dollars more in legal fees. Not to mention fielding endless phone calls.

As spouses and parents, we want to make sure our loved ones are organized and prepared to handle whatever comes with a step-by-step guide so that in any crisis - big or small - they can focus on what really matters.

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Meet the EmergencyBinders.com Team

Chelsea Brennan, Founder & CEO

Chelsea is an ex-hedge fund manager turned online entrepreneur. She's the founder of Smart Money Mamas and the Motivated Mama Society as well as EmergencyBinders.com. She is passionate about helping families step into their financial power and live there best lives. Which means not only building wealth for the fun things, but thinking ahead to protect your wealth as well.
Chelsea lives in Connecticut with her husband, 2 young boys, and dog, Stitches. When she's not working she loves reading, drawing, and playing with her boys.

Kate Blake, Affiliate Manager

Kate is the affiliate manager for EmergencyBinders.com, helping us spread the word about family emergency preparedness by partnering with media outlets, blogs, podcasts, financial advisors and more.

Kate lives in Minnesota with her twin girls and, as someone with MS, is passionate about emergency planning for families. When she's not working she loves journaling, reading, and making art projects with her kids.